Bharat Village Bazar is dedicated to Hon'ble Prime Minister's self-reliant India and Vocal for Local Announcement. In fact, it is a matter of serious concern for all of us that the country in the world was once the world's largest GDP in terms of productivity, labor, and technology. Today, what is the reason that this country is unable to provide the leadership which this country has the capacity for.

Bharat Village Bazar idea is inspired by the rivalry of pseudo international foreign products dominated by the local market. In fact, it is a big question mark that foreign companies are now providing products of daily life like cheese, pickle, tomato sauce, biscuits, soup to India. Such a huge market is open to the Indian youth in the field of daily products. There is a need for enthusiastic and energetic youth who can plan and respond to this challenge.

Bharat Village Bazar is committed to the goal of Swarnim India and is excited about the fair distribution of Indian labor value. Our products conform to international standards. We are willing to work on his training too. Capital of any nation is its natural and human resources. The mutual balance of these two resources and providing them proper opportunities to move forward is our foundation.

Bharat Village Bazar is determined to discharge its important role in the goal of making India self-reliant with the participation of farmers, workers, women and youth energy.


Bharat Village Bazar is to provide an opportunity to the farmer to sell his products directly to the consumer in order to provide full benefit of the produce to the farmer, the effort of

Bharat village Bazar's analysis shows that the consumer wants food that is pure and without adulteration. He does not hesitate even if he has to spend extra money to fulfill this requirement.

Bharat Village Bazar is a means of bringing maximum benefit of this nature of consumer and market to the farmer.

Bharat Village Bazar welcomes all farmers with their various products.


The nourishment of human capital, the upbringing of the family, the woman is stepping out of the boundary wall and carrying the flag of success in new areas.

Bharat village Bazar believes that women are automatically skilled. In addition to the family, social and educational fields, she also has immense potential to succeed in the economic field. She can run a family at her own level and earn money using her skills from home.

Bharat Village Bazar is an effort to ease the market access of women entrepreneurs.

All the women groups are welcomed in the Bharat Village Bazaar along with their various products.


Pottery and various products made from it have greatly contributed to human health.

Bharat Village Bazar believes that various clay products will be helpful in fighting the ill effects of plastics. If the ghada, surahi, handi, kulhar, shakore and other pottery are returned to the kitchen, then many diseases will be resolved and immunity will increase. Pottery & various products made from it have greatly contributed to human health.

The effort of the Bharat Village Bazar is that the soil products should be provided to the consumers in the same ease and abundance as the plastic ones. All the Kumbhakars should understand the Bharat Village Bazar as their Haat and make their various products available to the consumers.


Since ancient times, Indian handloom products have been identified by their flawless quality. These include muslin from Chanderi, bell-embroidered silk from Varanasi, dyeing of Bandhaj from Rajasthan and Odisha, splintered fabric from Machilipatnam, Himroos from Hyderabad, Khes from Punjab, Prints from Farrukhabad, Fennek and Tongam and Bottle Designs from Assam and Manipur, Kanchipuram and Banaras silk, Bhagalpur silk, Chanderi of Madhya Pradesh and Patola sarees of Vadodara.

The effort of Bharat Village Bazar is to make all these products reach different consumers of India as Indians still do not forget to wear these traditional costumes on special occasions with intricately woven and non-polluting effects.

Bharat Village Bazar is an online web portal of MSDS Global Enterprises. Bharat Village Bazar is dedicated to provide an online sales platform for indigenous products. A manufacturer or supplier can create an online shop and can upload/showcase any number of products to sale all over India. You need not to pay any single penny to showcase your product on Bharat Village Bazar.